Dubick & Associates, Ltd.
Marketing Consultants

Dubick & Associates offers the following services:

           • Research / Focus Groups 
Value-Add Programs
           Wealth Management Marketing    
Distribution Planning 
           Advisor Outreach
Sales Support & Training 
            Whitepapers / Brochures     
• Newsletters / Websites
           • Strategy Development & Positioning    
• Competitive Intelligence
           • Product Development & Rollout    
Cross-Selling Strategies

More About Value-Add Programs

Dubick & Associates creates value-add programs that help firms build advisor relationships, enhance key account connections and develop opportunities to present at firm conferences.

Some past programs include:

  • Analyzing Your Book
  • Building a Better Book
  • Finding the Perfect Client
  • Serving Wealthy Generations
  • Raising Your Referral IQ
While program components will vary based on client needs, the firm has developed:
  • Advisor brochures, workbooks and web content
  • Online interactive tools
  • PowerPoint presentations and scripts for branch presentations and wholesaler training
  • Program overview collateral
Contact us for suggestions on new value-add programs.

More About Sales Support

Sales ideas and management tips are an integral part of advisor support. Here are some examples of the work we've done.

Sample Client Survey
A client survey can help advisors retain clients, generate referrals, and build their business. This sample survey has all the right questions.

Five Steps Guaranteed to Improve Your Marketing Today
Most financial advisors find it difficult to stay focused on marketing activities and follow through. Here are five steps advisors can immediately take to boost their business.

Investing Library

Sending clients'  children or grandchildren age-appropriate books on money and investing is an ideal way to build cross-generational relationships. We provide advisors with suggested titles that build relationships.